My List of 9 Amazing Developers on Twitter

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Knowledge is power, they say, but I believe knowledge is nothing if there aren't people to guide you on the right way to use it.

I cannot speak for you, but my 2020 has been tough, but there have been good moments and some awesome people who have helped make it otherwise.

In this article, I mention nine (9) amazing developers on Twitter who have made me enjoy my journey as a developer this year, and who continue to make the developer community pleasant and welcoming for all.

1. Michael Asamoah (@_dev04)

Mike, as I like to call him, is a software developer currently focused on mobile development with Flutter. He's a great mentor and has contributed a lot to the developer community in Ghana, organising and speaking at several DevMeetups.

On Twitter, he talks mostly about Flutter and programming as a whole. I've never seen anyone learn a framework as quickly as this guy has. If you're interested in mobile development with Flutter and would like a quick and efficient way, I'd advice you to look him up to know his secret 😅.

2. Mike Attara (@mikeattara)

Another Mike in my list; a man who's always available to help! He's a JavaScript/React developer with the passion for building meaningful products and an addict to learning.

Mike is a community builder who has spoken at several developer conferences and is currently working on supporting learners in the Full-stack Web Development curriculum at Lambda School. He recently tweeted about looking for 5 people to mentor so hit him up on Twitter if interested. I couldn't recommend anyone better for the job!

Have some questions about JavaScript, React or Open Source? Go ahead and disturb him with those questions! 😜

3. Olli (@R4MSE5)

Great people have a habit of showing up in my journey as a developer at times when I need them the most. I first met Olli when I was struggling with Big O Notation, asymptotic analysis and all that jazz 😪, and he made the topic very easy to grasp.

Olli is an Android and React Native developer who, from my observation, has prioritised giving solutions to people's problems on Twitter over making his own tweets to gain followers. He recently started a YouTube channel where he's begun posting videos about JavaScript and React. I definitely recommend following him on Twitter and subscribing to his young but awesome channel.

4. Godson Chijioke (@coolpythoncodes)

From his Twitter username, you'd think he's only a Python developer, but he's also into front-end development with JavaScript and React. He's had a great time blogging about Python on a blog he called CoolPythonCodes (hence his username).

Godson is a consistent, ever-learning developer who tweets about effective learning techniques for code newbies. He started this year with little-to-no knowledge of React, but somehow changed this fact by studying the library and coding non-stop.

5. Francesco Ciulla (@FrancescoCiull4)

Ever met anyone who succeeds at doing something after people tell him he would fail? Well, this man is an expert at proving people wrong.

Francesco is a JavaScript developer and a DevOps enthusiast. In 2019 he had the perception that social media was a waste of time, probably because he's an introvert (even though I doubt it). But early this year he started being active on Twitter as he used the platform to promote an Android app he built, and to also connect with other developers.

Now, he's very well-known on Twitter and has a YouTube channel where he has started a challenge to make 100 videos in 100 days (check it out!).

If you have questions regarding DevOps or Docker, do hit him up. He seems to be the ambassador of Docker!

6. Tawanda Nyahuye (@torwenter)

If you're a programmer and you don't laugh too much on Twitter, it's probably because you don't follow this dude. What is coding without programming jokes and memes?

Tawanda is a software developer and Data Science enthusiast who works with Python and JavaScript, but somehow managed to have a major in Tech Humour instead 😂.

Having a bad day because of bugs? He'll help you get rid of the stress. I'm trying to figure out if he's one of those developers who learnt to code just to understand programming memes.

And oh, ensure you don't laugh until you forget to fix your bugs before pushing the code.

7. Danny Thompson (@DThompsonDev)

If you're a developer and have never heard of Danny, you're probably using Twitta, not Twitter!

Danny is a software developer, meetup organiser and a living proof that you do not need a Computer Science degree to be a programmer. This man went from frying chicken to writing software 😲! Watch this video on his YouTube channel to learn how he did it.

He joined Twitter early 2019, and at the time of publishing this article he has almost 57K followers. That being said, it's worth mentioning that he made a video course titled Grow on Twitter & Create Your Audience in which he teaches how you can get followers on Twitter.

8. Simon Hoiberg 🤓 (@SimonHoiberg)

Simon, in my opinion, is one of the most humble software engineers on Twitter, a business owner and YouTuber.

He is the creator of Sigmetic and Direflow.js. In his free time, Simon creates short but content-rich videos on his YouTube channel. I wonder how he packs so much information into such short videos.

Simon also frequently posts JavaScript/React tips and quizzes on Twitter so if you'd like to sharpen your JavaScript and React skills, make sure you follow him.

9. Dillion Megida (@iamdillion)

My list will be incomplete without mentioning this amazing guy.

Dillion is a software engineer and a tech blogger who's currently building Skulmarts, an online market for businesses in schools.

He's also the creator of TheWebFor5, a blog on which he teaches web topics like teaching a 5-year old.

Some of you who know these developers can second to the fact that they're incredible and worth following.

I hope you all had a successful year.

I'll see you in my next article, in 2021!

Maxi Contieri's photo

Great list!

I ve already follow many of them

Will follow the rest!!

King Deiveed's photo

Hi, I'm David from Nigeria and I must say, after reading this blog, my desire to learn how to code by all means possible was renewed. I am hoping and believing that these amazing people you've mentioned up there will also be of great assistance to me in my journey as a programmer as they did for you. Keep up the good work. Yo are an inspiration to many. I hope our paths meet one day. Thanks.✌️🙏

Gyen Abubakar's photo

I'm glad it helped you.🙂